GCH DC Northshield Sweet Remembrance, CD, HXAd, HSBd
DC Tartanside the Matrix, CD, HXAds, HXBd, HXCs x DC Tartanside Recollection, HXAds

Bred and owned by Mr. & Mrs. DF Shields
Whelped April 27, 2005
Northshields Farm Photos
"Trick" winning
Open Tri Bitches at the
2010 CCA, shown by
John Buddie.
6 weeks
6 months
2 years
On her way to
becoming a Dual Champion,
Trick is shown here herding
with her friend, Diane Brennan
Trick at the Pacific NW CC
weekend of specialties with
handler Cindy Weiner-Robinson.
She was BOB both days!
Photos by David Supplee